Monthly Archives: October 2016

I Found This Dog

I found a dog. No surprise really. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been a dog magnet of sorts. If ever there is a wandering dog, he or she will surely find me. Sammy, the sweet beagle who often appeared at our home when I was a child was one such dog. Several times a week, he would wander into our yard (and in my childhood memories I am always in my yard), be my afternoon playmate, then mysteriously leave only to return another day. “Can we keep him?” I asked? “Let’s find out if he already has a home,” my mother wisely suggested. I crafted a note and attached it to Sammy’s worn collar, sort of like putting a message in a bottle when on a desert island; the tide carried Sammy away. The next time he returned he brought with him a different note, a reply from another little girl who lived a few blocks away, assuring me that Sammy was well loved but offering to share him should we meet. The waves of Sammy’s travels connected that little girl’s world with mine. My new friend, Sammy the beagle, and me.

It should come as no surprise then, that while off on a recent trip, I came across a sweet, homeless, dog. This dog appeared while I was rummaging around an estate sale of well worn goods. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, artifacts of a life well lived. My treasure hunt seemingly complete, I was just about to leave when… I saw this dog! This sweet dog! Resting in a corner, its soulful eyes peered out. They beckoned me closer and when I extended my hand, I realized that I was connecting with a once most cherished friend. I knew at once that this sweet dog had been best friend.. to someone… someplace… sometime. How could it be that this dog was now here amidst the castaways? I knew I couldn’t leave without this dog. A quick discussion with the vendors and we were on our way. My new dog, this treasure, and me.

My new dog didn’t wear a collar. Instead he wore a frame. What life events could have led to the abandonment of this sweet essence of this loyal friend? Through shades of black and white, I see a vibrant heart and soul. I know the very presence of this photo, large in size and from a professional source, is testament to a human-canine partnernship of the highest order. And so, in honor of that love, and as with all those homeless dogs before him, I gave this dog a home.