The Heavens Are Brighter Tonight

The heavens are a brighter tonight. Pixel’s earthly light has gone to shine above. She left so suddenly and unexpectedly. Not fair for a dog who thrived on order and predictability. She had such a sense of how things ought to be. Had Pixel had her way, I suspect her departure from this earth would have been highly organized, with instructions and advice for those she’d leave behind. Instructions like “Give Landis extra hugs and my share of the treats.” Advice like “Grieve but gently. My life with you was blessed.”

Oh, how my heart aches, for Terri and Wayne, Pixel’s loving, grieving parents, and for Landis, Pixel’s greyhound brother who surely is confused. God knows, I know their shock and pain. Where does that amazing life energy go when our animal friends depart? Tonight, I will look up into the cool, winter sky and know that a brand new star has joined the constellation of dog souls that shine forever bright.

Pixel and her brother, Landis, were adopted through Greyhound Adoption Center. You can learn more adopting retired racing greyhounds at

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