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The Heavens Are Brighter Tonight

The heavens are a brighter tonight. Pixel’s earthly light has gone to shine above. She left so suddenly and unexpectedly. Not fair for a dog who thrived on order and predictability. She had such a sense of how things ought to be. Had Pixel had her way, I suspect her departure from this earth would have been highly organized, with instructions and advice for those she’d leave behind. Instructions like “Give Landis extra hugs and my share of the treats.” Advice like “Grieve but gently. My life with you was blessed.”

Oh, how my heart aches, for Terri and Wayne, Pixel’s loving, grieving parents, and for Landis, Pixel’s greyhound brother who surely is confused. God knows, I know their shock and pain. Where does that amazing life energy go when our animal friends depart? Tonight, I will look up into the cool, winter sky and know that a brand new star has joined the constellation of dog souls that shine forever bright.

Pixel and her brother, Landis, were adopted through Greyhound Adoption Center. You can learn more adopting retired racing greyhounds at


Hey Dog Dad, Are You Out There?


Sarah and Rhodie

This post goes out to all my single friends.
God bless us, everyone! 🙂
It’s a jungle out there in dating land.

Take all the men on online dating sites (tens of thousands),

Remove those who can’t spell (now down to several thousand),

Block the guys whose pics include dead fish (what’s left? A couple thousand?),

And cars or camouflage (about a thousand left),

Select for those within my age range (500, give or take)

(No, I mean actual not wishful age; 400ish)

And those who love dogs (352),

Find those who sound intelligent (300), curious (240), playful (180), and fun (138),

With pics that make me take a second look (100, give or take),

Who also love the music I enjoy (70, or so),

And maybe even play those sounds (around 60),

Or have another creative side (55),

And a professional career they enjoy that makes a difference (40ish),

Who write in ways that “Wow!” me (20, maybe, probably fewer),

And don’t want to procreate (an even 10),

With whom I share a silly sense of humor (around 8),

And point of view (half a dozen),

Who can cook tasty, healthy meals (4 or 5),

And are relatively unencumbered by past issues and relationships (okay, just 3),

Who make my heart go skip, skip, skip (that chemistry thing, ya know; 2),

And are unafraid to take some risks, in love and life,

And of all the men on online dating sites, hell, perhaps anywhere,

I’m left with

Just One.


But –

Who are you?

Where are you?

And will we ever meet?

I’m looking. I’m hoping. I’m waiting….

And my dogs are too.

Missing Lenny

Late 1996 – January 13, 2011

Lenny’s dead.
Life has fled.
Eyes are red.
Tears are flowing.

Soft fur
Won’t stir.
Last breath
Exhaled this morning.

Best friend,
Couldn’t mend.
Had to send
His spirit soaring.

Stay with me,
Sweet Lenny.
Your memory is
My mooring.

(January 13, 2011)

January 12, 2012 – Lenny died  January 13, 2011, after sharing over 13 and a half years with me. He arrived in my world as a thin, thirsty, teenage stray on a hot Texas day in July 1997. Though his body is gone, his spirit will live in my heart forever. HE CHANGED MY LIFE. He inspired me to become a clicker trainer and a professional dog trainer and to see dogs, myself, and others in whole new ways. He was my teacher, my sidekick, my assistant, my confidant, my soul dog. Finally, a year later, the sadness has subsided enough that I can share some thoughts about him. Thank you, Lenny. I love you. See you again.