My New Pup

Roadie 2Meet Rhodie. He’s a 12 week old Australian Shepherd. He’s sweet, soft, and silly and he’s the newest member of our pack. I really didn’t want another dog, let alone a puppy – they are just so much work! But Rhodie appeared in my life and, like all pups, he needed a human to step in to provide him a home. “I’ll test drive him for the weekend,” I said, and as this weekend comes to an end it is clear this pup is here to stay.

My years of experience with puppies and their parents have made me alert to the antics and quirks that indicate which puppies will be relatively easy and which will send the frustration index off the charts. Rhodie is everything I could want in a pup. He’s a quick study and is eager to learn. He’s respectful of other dogs, plays gently, and understands dog body language as if he wrote the book. He’s naturally curious, appropriately cautious and is adapting to novelty with ease. His mouthing is soft and his jumping (his only real vice) is rapidly being replaced with sitting as he learns this is the ticket to all good things in life. He hasn’t pottied in the house or chewed a single valued item – yet. Rhodie is a diamond in the rough (or is it “ruff”) and I am pleased that I am his, he is mine, and we are ours.

As I look at Rhodie sleeping at my feet I wonder what adventures are ahead. Will his life be long and healthy? Will his presence be a comfort in Lenny, my soul dog’s, final days? What will my animal family be like when Rhodie, not Lenny, is the senior member of the pack? What will my own life be like? Will he live up to my hopes that he can be my new sidekick, my roadie? What joys, frustrations, sorrows, and celebrations will this new puppy be part of and bring?

And as he sleeps, here at my feet, Rhodie twitches, yips, and yaps, clearly caught in his own dreamstate of images, perhaps anticipations, I can only imagine.

Dreams and life unfolding as our journey together begins.

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4 thoughts on “My New Pup

  1. Chris Rigopoulos

    Your dog blogs are great. You get right into a dog lover’s mind and heart.
    When I met your new pup yesterday, I immediately felt he was an old soul. Dogs do find us. They are better at picking us than we are at choosing them.

  2. Mary McCormick

    Oh Sarah you have such a big heart. What a lucky puppy. You wll help him be the best dog he can be just like you do with all the pups you shepherd.

    We’ll be wanting some of your time later in the Fall when we get back to Chico to help Riley be a little more easy in the dog world.

    Thanks for all that you do and welcome Roadie.


  3. Darcy Davis

    Well, I think Roadie is the sweetist thing ever, but tonight I wanted to talk about something else!

    I attended the First Annual Elks Club Dog Parade today and had so much fun with Coco and Bean. I did not enter them in the parade or other contests, but was intent on exposing my dogs to other dogs and people. They were amazing! Coco attracted all the male dogs (no surprise there) and Beanie was shy, but very well behaved!

    I could see where two of the dogs there were from Canine Connection. And this is pretty funny. One of ’em gave the command “wait” as I walked by with Bean and Coco, and I thought, “oh no, that means his dog can eat my dogs later”! Well, I guess an hour went by and I passed the same dog and owner again, and this time he said, “Leave It.” I was so relieved and just knew he had to be from Canine Connection! Yay for the “leave it” command!

    Anyway, I was really disappointed at how many people had never heard of the Canine Connection. I told them Bean was in agility and there were dance classes and levels classes, etc. So many people were interested in this! I was thinking, maybe we should start a Canine Connection fan club and get the word out…my dogs are so much better off than without this training. And I have had dogs before where the choke chain was the centerpiece of training, and it’s just wrong for most dogs! Is any one else interested in getting the word out? We could go to these events and give live demos and testimonials! Anyone interested?

  4. Kate McCorkle

    Sarah! An Aussie! Zoe is laughing her head off in heaven. Can’t wait to meet him.
    Love, Kate

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